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The ZabApp project was born to include in a single application all the features required by Zabbix users.
You can request new features or changes, join the community, point out your suggestions or take part to the development activities yourself!
ZabApp is an Android OpenSource application developed by Systematica and University of Bologna.

Read only access doesn’t require registration, if you want write access, you need an account.
Fill out the form to request it or login and shape the app with us!


Version 0.8

– Added Zabbix 2.2.x compatibility
– Added an option to choose notification polling interval
– Added option to filter notifications by severity
– Layout change for Alarm screens, better acknowledges implementation
– Layout change for Account screen, now adding and modifying the account show the same options


Version 0.7
– NEW: added host Search panel
– NEW: added notification sounds and expansion
– IMPROVED: login and account management, now it’s more user friendly
– IMPROVED: severity filters, host group expansion/contraption
– FIXED: database management, and a lot of other bugs.

Version 0.6
– Fixed db bug

Version 0.5
– Added ability to disable notifications reception for single account
– Added ability to chose retention for old notifications (7/15/30 days)
– Added “shortcut”, long press on an account, will automatically log you in
– No more need to add “api_jsonrpc.php” in the server url, is now internally and invisibly added
– Improved graphs

Version 0.4
Layout and notifications:

  • notifications are now readable on every device
  • added feedback for login, data and graph loading and errors
  • added “cancel” button and credit page in account management screen
  • added refresh, removal and redirection of notification

Alarms and graphs:

  • updated alarm and multiselection structure
  • redesigned usage and visualization of graphs

Version 0.3
– Various bug fixed

– UI improvements

Version 0.2
Added Android 2.3 compatibility

Version 0.1
– Supports multiple servers

– SSL connections
– Verify Triggers status
– Monitor Hosts status (items, graphs, alarms)
– Display Screen
– QRcode
– Multi-server alarm notifications
– Pleasant UI