Systematica is a subsidiary of Finmatica, a group that worked in the IT market since 1969. At present more than 300 people are employed in the group's companies. The group offers the most comprehensive suite of information solutions to the local government and to the healthcare organizations. Systematica designs and manufactures solid and secure network infrastructure, constantly monitored to ensure continuity of service. It also provides additional tools in order to comply with local law regulations and proactively detect possible issues.
The basic work sphere of ZABBIX SIA is development of open source software for monitoring of networks and applications. Apart from that the company offers a wide range of professional services designed to fit every customer's unique business demands including implementation, integration, custom development and consulting services as well as various training programs. ZABBIX team's mission is to make a superior monitoring solution available and affordable for all. The company's flagship product is ZABBIX, one of the most popular open source monitoring software in the world. It is already used by a vast number of companies, who have chosen it due to real scalability, high and robust performance, ease of use and extremely low costs of ownership.
DISI - University of Bologna
The Dipartimento di Informatica - Scienza e Ingegneria (DISI - Department of Computer Science and Engineering) of the University of Bologna was founded in October 2012 from the merging of the Department of Computer Science and the Department of Computer Engineering. More than 130 teachers, researchers, Ph.D. students, and fellows work at DISI on topics such as Middleware and Computer Networks, Artificial Intelligence, Formal Models Checking, Hardware and Software Systems, Bioinformatics, and Multimedia Systems Managements. The mission of DISI is to pursue excellence in scientific and technological research in all computer science areas, to promote knowledge transfer to institutions, companies, and public administration, and to provide the best computer science and engineering education.